Welcome to thechristianslawyer. This is where legal skills are brought to bear on topics and tasks of interest to Christians and other good things happen. You will find a daily devotion and tips for daily living. Thechristianslawyer wants to bring sanity back to Christianity, make all who want experts at Eternity Law, and identify the laws that unknowingly affect our lives and sometimes make us a little crazy.

You have arrived at the catalogue page for thechristianslawyer. From here you can navigate to any interesting topic you want to explore. From here you can also submit your suggestions for new blog posts. I have also shared ideas that I plan to blog about in the future. I am thoroughly pleased that you are here. I truly hope that you find something here that interests you and that we find that we have some interests in common. Also, if you disagree with the sentiments expressed here, you are more than welcome to submit your thoughts.

I, thechristianslawyer, am coming from a place of many years of study and Christian preaching of the Bible, introspection and meditation on many of the ideas expressed here, a life-giving encounter with God about 40 years ago and the continued presence of God evidenced in the depths of my soul and mind and experience, and a vital concern for truth, justice, honesty, righteousness, integrity, reason and other important Christian virtues.

As I write this, I am pastoring a church and engaged in the continuing work of trying to perfect the art of preaching. I also operate a law practice. It is my sincere belief that God put law school on my radar after 10 years in ministry for a ministry purpose. God wanted to use the science of the law (jurisprudence) to interpret the legal expressions used to convey the gospel.

I hope that you will perceive a modicum of humor, wit, insight, indignation, and honorableness in what you read here.


Christsanity: Bringing Sanity back to Christianity

Article that would question an area of insanity within today’s radical conservative Christianity in the U.S. such as “Is Ours the Worst Generation?”

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Eternity Law: Interpreting the Christian Bible for What it is, a legal treatise

Articles to increase understanding about a legal concept mentioned or alluded to in New Testament Scripture and integral to the Good News such as Grace in the Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father (by adoption) who art in Heaven…”

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It’s the Law Y’all

Discussing the unseen laws that adversely affect our lives individual lives and our lives together in society such as Why Cops Can Kill Defenseless People Without Legal Consequences.

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Reclaiming and Taming Popular Music

When you love the music but hate to have the useless or evil words to the chorus stuck in your head. These occasional, and also by-request, entries will give you Christian alternative lyrics to replace those words with ones to help save your soul.

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Don’t Declare War, Declare Victory

A daily devotion for the chronically stressed.

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