About Douglas Crockett

About Douglas Crockett

Douglas Crockett completed seminary and served in full-time ordained ministry for 10 years before entering law school in 1995. He continued to serve as a part-time pastor until he retired from pastoral ministry in 2023.

After completing law school at William & Mary College (Marshall-Wythe School of Law), Pastor Crockett stayed in Virginia with his family. He worked full-time in law with two legal aid organizations, as an associate in a small firm, and began his own practice in 2014.

It is hard for him to remember how he processed many issues before law school. He has learned to think like a lawyer. He tries never to forget that his clients do not see their problems in the same way. The job of a lawyer is to bring the calm rational head to an often heated and emotional situation.

Training in ministry helps him to stay calm and being an attorney is the practice of rationally finding the correct law that applies to your situation and applying the facts in your case to the law, a task he loves.

Pastor Crockett brings a personal and caring touch to help you achieve your goal in an often-uncaring judicial system.

TheChristiansLawyer is a recent addition to Doug’s practice. In this ministry he tries to help further the Kingdom. He helps people on their greater journey to an afterlife. He does so by using and explaining the law in his blog. In his blog you will find legally based knowledgeable discussions of the Bible and current-day moral issues.

The law touches our lives in more ways than you realize. A knowledge of the law could help in dealing with your legal, spiritual, and moral issues. Check out TheChristiansLawyer page on this site.

The Law Office of Douglas E. Crockett is located in Highland Springs, VA and serves clients throughout Sandston, Mechanicsville, Montrose, Chamberlayne & East Highland Park.

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